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Understanding your hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are still one of the most sought after floor coverings for many homeowners today. They are elegant, timeless and fit in with just about any décor in any room. Furthermore, since you have both solid and engineered wood to choose from, it’s completely possible to have real wood floors throughout your entire home, even if some of your rooms are below grade. Your flooring specialist will be able to discuss this option with you in greater detail.

Marchand’s Interior and Hardware knows how important your floors are to you, and covering them with something you can depend upon, is as important to us as it is to you. We will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your product and the service you receive from our family-run business. In fact, we invite you to come visit us at our showroom in Gonzales, Louisiana. We’d love to serve you in addition to our clients from Ascension, Parish, Gonzales, Prairieville, Donaldsonville, and Baton Rouge.
Hardwood flooring in Gonzales, LA from Marchand's Interior & Hardware

Expansion, contraction, and more in hardwood

You are likely to have already heard about how solid hardwood flooring can expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity levels in your home. The simple reason for this is the fact that this is an all-natural material that normally makes these types of changes in nature.

Warm, humid air that is normally present in the summer, naturally makes wood absorb moisture, and expansion happens as a result. In the winter time, when air is much drier, your floors will be more likely to contract. The comforting news is that a professional installation specialist will be able to install these floors in such a way as to accommodate these changes, so that they don’t impact your lifestyle.

In order to keep expansion and contraction from becoming bothersome, we have a few tips. First, it’s a good idea to keep your in-home humidity level between thirty-five and fifty percent. Using an air conditioner during summer and a humidifier in the winter, can help to accomplish this. It’s also a good idea to keep your inside temperature between sixty-five and seventy-five degrees year round.

With more choices than ever before in this particular flooring category, there are many options we haven’t mentioned here. Be sure to speak with your flooring specialist about hardness scales, various finishes and stain colors and protective coatings available for your hardwood floors.

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